After the fire...

"I remember smelling smoke. I woke up I was chokin'.."

The Turnpike Troubadours have a song titled The Housefire that starts that way. I can tell you, that was pretty much my experience in the early morning hours of Sunday, Dec. 9.

Resurrection Mule Farm has taken a blow, folks. A chimney fire has made it uninhabitable for the moment. But frankly, we're just glad to have made it out alive. We really shouldn't have. The smoke should have killed us. We should never have even woken up. But we did...and we're uninjured, and I even got all my guitars out too.

But the house is heavily damaged, and our spirits are banged up, as well.

One of my biggest concerns, after dealing with insurance and house repairs, how am I gonna record the new CD now? A recording project is always a heavy investment of time, money and energy. I'm gonna be low on all those as we struggle to put our home and lives back together. I'll have to keep you posted on that.

Maybe another Kickstarter campaign...?

I don't know. More later.

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