Hard to get that download...

I wrote this song a few years back, just as I was ending my seven-year run in the fire service. I never felt like a hero, but I felt special being a part of it. And I served with some men who were pretty heroic, in my opinion. It was an easy song to write. I just drew upon experience and used some storytelling. I recorded it with using a Nashville guy who lives in Southern Illinois, and using a pro musicians from Music City, too. My good friend, the talented James Ricks, also played bass and sang on it.

I had hoped it might catch on with the fire service, give the ability to market it to them on social media. And it has proven to be very popular, closing in on 175,000 YouTube views. But getting folks to go that one extra step -- to download it for .99 cents -- has proven difficult! If just 10 percent of the folks who watch this video (which doesn't even include half the actual song) would have just downloaded it, I'd have money to record more songs. That was my hope. That was my plan. You know how that goes...

So anyway...here it is. I hope that if you like it, you'll download it!

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