The new CD arrived...!

Our first CD is here!

"Resurrection Mule Farm" has 12 songs on it. We recorded about 19 songs, but only had the funds and time to "finish" a dozen.

The 100 CDs I ordered arrived all nice and shrinkwrapped yesterday, right on schedule.

Wow...what wonderful, horrible journey. I learned a lot. Even though younger folks today think nothing of recording an album on their home computer -- with varying results, some fantastic -- I am much more of a novice. I learned a lot about how to go about doing this kind of project, however. I hope the next one will be even better.

But I'm pretty damn happy with this one! At the risk of messing with your impressions, here are my thoughts on the inspiration behind each track.

Work Too Hard -- Written for all the "underemployed," who work two or more jobs and still have trouble making ends meet. Been there...still there.

My Father's Son -- A tragic story of child abuse, when the desire to hurt one parent ends up hurting the child instead. A far too common occurrence today, perpetrated by women and men upon their kids.

How Much You Keep -- Inspired by a quip from my dad.

Resurrection Mule Farm -- The title track and a meditation on being stubborn and being reborn from the ashes, all inspired by a true story and special place.

More Than I Have -- Difficult to explain, but basically a guy recognizing he's not that good at being in a relationship at times, but his mate thankfully makes up for his lack of "dance" talent.'s a metaphor.

Callin' For Rain -- A imagery-heavy narrative that borrows from different scenes and times in my life.

Like No Other -- For those of us who finally find real, nurturing love and support later in life.

Dandelion -- "The beauty of the Burning Bush, and the toughness of a weed." It's pretty clear I admire someone greatly.

Good Jobs -- It's tough for the average person to find the kind of job that will truly meet their needs today.

Satisfied -- This guy is never grateful. To me, that's one of the worst things you can do and it leads to all sorts of bad ends. There's cowbell, too...

Family -- Family is who loves you and has your back. Period.

Tattoo -- Don't ever put someone's name on your skin. May or may not be loosely based on a true story.

I'll talk more about the songs later.

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