From time to time here, I'm gonna talk about the people in my life who have been important to me as a songwriter, musician and as a man. I'm going to tell you about past and present bandmates, musicians and songwriters I admire (and why). Friends, family....And how it all has come down. I want this blog to be engaging, and if there's one thing that an entire life in media has taught me it's that people are primarily interested in...other people.

I've known some doozies...

Maybe I'll invite others to write about people here, too. IDK yet.

For right now, on the occasion of my 51st birthday, I want to give a shout out to the following people.

-To my mom, Jean, for having bornt me and teaching me how to think.

-To my dad, Jim, for not murdering me when I probably deserved it, and showing me how a grown up man acts.

-To my sibs, Kim and Steve (the latter an aforementioned bandmate), for always being there for me and making me laugh and "belong."

-To my kids, for bringing me joy and teaching me how to use my iPhone.

-To my darling love, Andrea, for showing me real love and taking care of my heart.

-To my friends -- old and new -- for showing me I'm not crazy for being how I am.

If I left you out, don't worry. I'll be revisiting this topic again and again.

Be well...

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